TestApp.io enables you to share your application with everyone for testing and feedback.

Let's try it out together by creating our first release.

You can upload both Android & iOS releases simultaneously, and in this demo, we will go with Android by selecting our APK.

Add your release notes and notify your testers about this release.

And that's it! The release has been successfully created and is ready to be installed.

And now, it's time to install this release and share our feedback.

Once it's done installing, you can open it for testing.

And share your feedback about this release with the developers of this application.

With each piece of feedback, you will find the device and the tester's location for debugging purposes.

Let's get back to our Portal and see the install we just made and our shared feedback.

Save time by using our CLI to upload and notify your team members about these releases with a single command line.

Check out our Github & integrations page for more information.

Sharing your application with the world is essential for testing and feedback. With TestApp.io, you can share your application with an unlimited external tester for both Android & iOS in a single link.

With each link, you have the option to choose

  • No Android release
  • Or a specific release
  • Or self-update to automatically select the latest Android release whenever we create a new one

We are keeping your external testers always up to date!

For iOS, you have an extra option which is TestFlight, and with TestFlight, it allows you to have up to 10 thousand external testers without having to collect their UDIDs.

Simply just by copy & paste the public link.

You can set the expiry date and fill in your install instructions like a particular environment configuration or a demo account.

You can edit this information at any time.

The install page is your app landing page, and you can share it with everyone and everywhere.

If you open this page from your Android device, you will be able to install the Android version, and if you open it from your iPhone or iPad, you will have the iOS option, which is either the IPA or TestFlight.

Your testers can share their feedback and learn more about your application.

The public install page is customizable from the share settings page.

From Portal, you can have some insights

  • On your install link views by device and location
  • Installs by device, release, and location
  • External testers feedback
  • And internal tester's feedback

With each new feedback, your Slack and Microsoft Teams will be notified.

Check out our integrations page for more info.

Suppose you are doing some maintenance on your backend or want to stop the installs for any reason. In that case, you can disable or update the link status to either coming soon or maintenance mode with a custom message for your external testers.

You are keeping everyone informed of what is happening inside your app!

Thank you so much for watching, and we hope to see you in the next one.

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