Keep your team constantly up to date with the latest events by connecting your channel with your team in



  • A member accepts or declines a team invite
  • A member shares iOS UDID
  • Removing and leaving the team
  • Deleting team


  • New app
  • Update app info
  • Adding a member to the app
  • Removing a member from the app
  • Removing and leaving members from the app
  • Deleting app


  • New Release
  • Updated release notes
  • Moving releases between apps

    Keep your team updated with Slack integrations!

More info:

Let's get started!

Choose Connectors from the channel

Search for Incoming Webhook and click on Configure

Use the following:

Copy the URL

Paste the URL in Portal -> Microsoft Teams integration

And that's it! Your channel should receive the confirmation message.

You can update the Incoming Webhook URL anytime or disable the connection.

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